Smokey Eye Makeup Tips

Fashion is a versatile field with constant changes in trends day by day. Fashion is incomplete without talking about makeup and the most prominent part of makeup is eye makeup. Eyes reflect your personality and eye makeup I one the best way to attract the attention of others .With the changes in other styles eye makeup styles also changes ranging from Smokey to clean to nude and many other styles. Because of different shapes of eyes different colors are needed to be applied in different ways. Smokey eye makeup is the most glamorous look to give an instant change to the eyes. In this article we will describe the steps of applying Smokey eye makeup in an easy way.

Smokey Eye Makeup Tips

Smokey Eye Makeup Tips

Application of Primer:

Primer is an eye shadow base .Apply primer on whole eye lid and on the skin near eye before to start make up. Blend it smoothly to get an even skin tone .primer will protect eye shadow from melting

Base color eye shadow:

After blending primer, apply eye shadow of dark grey color or silver that should have shiny effect. Apply this on the whole eye lid and blend smoothly then draw a line with a shadow pencil this pencil should of darker color than the color you have applied as base .Blend it with the eye shadow with the help of finger or eye makeup brush

Use of eye shadow colors:

Eye colors should be applied with care as darker colors are used in Smokey eye makeup .Smokey eye makeup should of dark blackish or grayish shade .you can also choose dark green or bluefish in the mid of your eyelids

Final blending and smoky touch:

To give your eyes an actual Smokey eye touch apply darker on the outer crease of eye till the mid of the eye brow bone and blend it smoothly from the eye lash line

Eye liner and mascara:

As a last step of eye makeup apply a line of liquid eye liner and a bit of mascara on your eyelashes.



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