Perfect Guide To Smokey Eyes Makeup

Eyes look awesome when we prominent using eye makeup. Eye makeup is of different and women wonder to get somehow stylish look of their eyes. But before they choose any sort of makeup for their eyes they must have to know what kind of eye makeup will suit on their eyes. Smokey eye makeup is now the trendiest eye makeup among all young, teen and tween girls not only they but women also try to get sexy look. Because this sort of makeup provides you an awesome expression and you look sexy at the event for which you choose to get this eye makeup.

Smokey Eyes Makeup

Smokey Eyes Makeup

Eye Shades For Smokey Eye Makeup

Girls use different shades to prominent their eyes. But they forget to make perfect combination of eye shades which hold on their eyes.

Pinkish Smokey Eye Makeup: Pin color gives an awesome look and mostly girls like to get pink eye makeup. But in case of Smokey eye makeup it doesn’t work. After it if you want to get pink eye shades to make the sin of your eyes prominent and clear using any sort of fair concealer or base. After that apply dark and light pink eye shades. Use dark shades on the beginning and end of eye lid then use light color on mid. You can use mascara and eye liner to prominent your eyes.

Gray Smokey Eye Makeup: It really works and provide you an awesome appearance. It is a fabulous way to get high leveled eye makeup to prominent eyes as sexy as you want. Use gray shades on the eye lid shades should be of your  chose or which suite with your skin tone. Apply them normally through the eye lid after that apply eye liner and mascara. You can use eye artificial thick or thin eye lashes to get very prominent appearance.

Copper Smokey Eye Makeup: Well, Smokey eye makeup usually suit in these shades like Gray, Black or copper. Now if you want to get copper Smokey eye makeup then use Copper shades instead of Gray. Apply them abruptly on your eyes and then make them darker or lighter as they suite with the tone, shape, size and color of your eyes. Copper shades are considered to be the perfect shades for Smokey eye makeup.

The above guide lines and eye Smokey eye makeup tricks will help you to get amazing eye makeup for the event which you going to attend.



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