Eye Makeup Tips and Eye Makeup Tutorial

A round face was really loved back in the time simply because a round face depicts liveliness, passion and charisma. The kinds of a round face woman are extremely stunning. The eyes are big and fish shaped which suit the nice cheekbones. Eyes are an attribute which can catch the breath of any person. Therefore eye makeup for round face eyes should be done in a way that the round face features get improve and look more beautiful. It actually can be quite simple when you know some of the basics about makeup program and understand the importance of application sequence.

Give your eye makeup a good surface area to stick to by priming your eye with a foundation. Set the foundation with a light dusting of loose transparent powder. This will give any eye makeup applied a base to latch to an even overall look and also some staying power.

Eye Makeup Tips and Eye Makeup Tutorial

Eye Makeup Tips and Eye Makeup Tutorial


The base of your eye makeup is very essential because it provides multiple purposes. It makes skin tone even and also improves staying power of the shadow. It also helps in easy application of makeup.

Eye Shadow:

Selecting right color and kinds of eye shadow is very necessary. In the casual days, soft tones will work like pink, lavender, grey and copper. But for formal events, use hot tones and darker shades, apply lightly staring from inner corner of the eye and swipe to the other end. Protect the eye lid area that is popped.


Highlighter is optionally available but important when you are going to a party. It an essential part of formal makeup. Gold, Silver and copper are mostly used. Dab some small amount from upper lash line to eye brow area. Cover it all blend well. Use only a little amount simply enough to cover the skin and give effect.

Perfection Lashes:

  1. Do not put too many coats on. Two coats plus transforming the outer eye corner lashes, is usually enough.
  2. For your lower lashes hold the wand vertically. You can control and access the amount of mascara.
  • Absolutely finish with a brush to separate lashes and remove any clumps.


Eye Liner and Mascara:

Applying mascara is really simple. Move your eye lashes downward and the wand in upward direction for added expansion and proper application. Let the first coat get complete dry. Re apply another coat of mascara. Move your eye lashes apply some on the lower lashes as well. You can also use eye lash curler for little extension of the lashes.

Gentle Removal Eye Care:

At the end of the day, you need to be able to gently but successfully remove your eye makeup. Make sure you use a remover that is not hash on your skin on your eye.

Eye Makeup Tutorial:

Now let’s get light coffee or shade peach with small mixing brush and apply a line just above the wrinkle and then blow the brush to clean the extreme shade and then take the same brush and it mixing the shade around the crease, now let make lighter shade of grey or blue color steal and apply to the lid and mix well, under the flip, do not try to make a sharp crease eye Tutorial makeup now let’s apply a wing bold type on the upper lash.



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